Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Waiting........and waiting...........and still waiting

The BBC website reports that the British and Irish Governments are waiting for a statement from the IRA. The BBC reports that:
The Irish prime minister has said the British and Irish governments are hoping for a statement from the IRA before August. Bertie Ahern told the Irish parliament that there was no definitive date.

The article doesn't make it clear which August. Could it be August 2007? Or maybe August 2013? And what exactly will the IRA statement be saying? That they will possibly consider making a decision about the complete cessation of certain forms of violence sometime in the next few years / decades?

Isn't it about time the British and Irish Governments stopped making ambiguous statements regarding the IRA's even more ambiguous statements. They are achieving only one thing: making it clear that it's the IRA who call the shots (excuse the pun).

Maybe tough-on-terrorism Mr Blair might consider an alternative policy, ceasing all contact with Sinn Fein / IRA until there is a complete cessation of violence (including the use of baseball bats, knives and sewer rods). And if the IRA want to be reconsidered as a partner in the political process, let THEM wait for a statement.

Meanwhile, the "soft spoken politician by day / baseball wielding thug by night" strategy is working wonders for Sinn Fein's electoral prospects. At this rate, Bertie Ahern is well placed to put himself and his Government out of a job by 2007.