Monday, September 12, 2005

Finally, the BBC casts the spotlight on Islamic extremism

A question of Leadership, the Panorama programme broadcast on the 21st August was a breath of fresh air. It's a relief to see that there are a small number of journalists who are willing to see the Muslim Council of Britain for what it is, an organisation in utter denial.

The Panorama programme was heartwarming in that it represented Muslims who were themselves critical of the MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) for sheltering extremists. I actually came away from the programme with a much more positive view of British Muslims.

The MCB's main problem is that it suffers from the European tendency to over centralise, claiming to speak for everyone whilst elected by no-one. It is to some extent afflicted by the similar problems to our own Chief Rabbinate i.e. Progressive Jews don't feel represented by it, and neither do the Ultra Orthodox, but nevertheless, it's the public face of anglo-jewry (there is however one difference: the Office of the Chief Rabbi doesn't represent people who blow themselves up).

The MCB might do well to look across the Atlantic. In the States, Muslims have a healthier relationship with the society they live in, partly because they are organised at local rather than federal level. The communal representatives are organised from the bottom up rather than top down, so are more in touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

It's a shame the Guardianistas couldn't appreciate the arguments put forward by the Panorama programme. This wasn't mud slinging against Muslims, but an attack on their leadership.

The Guardian used to be a paper which attacked the establishment, unfortunately it seems the Guardian are determined to defend this establishment at any cost.