Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yankee bashing has become all the rage in Britain!

As the war in the middle east rages on, it has become fashionable in much of the British media to attack the United States for it's supposed lack of impartiality. At least the Times has had the common sense to attack this nonsense.

America's critics seem to have forgotton how this war started, how Israel left Lebanon six years ago, and how Hezbollah have been firing rockets into Israel ever since. Yesterday, various human rights, religious and aid groups sent an open letter to Tony Blair, urging him to back an immediate ceasefire. But who really believes that Hezbollah are going to hold to any ceasefire? Does no one remember what Hezbollah did to the last peacekeeping force, when it murdered 241 US marines and 60 French paratroopers? This article by Kevin Toolis might remind them.

Meanwhile, many Egyptians are celebrating the 50th anniversary Nasser's seizure of the Suez Canal. There will be many in the Arab world who will want to draw parallels with Nasser and Nasrallah.