Sunday, June 03, 2007

Michael Moore is a real sicko

Predictably, they have all been sucking up to Michael Moore at the Cannes Film Festival. It has given the European arts world another opportunity to give the great satan (aka The United States) a good beating.

Yes, Michael Moore is back with his latest movie, Sicko, and as with his earlier movies, he excels at twisting the facts to suit his agenda. Those who have watched Bowling for Columbine will remember his visits to various homes in Toronto left unlocked by their owners. No they don't leave their doors open in Canada and even Toronto has had its fair share of shootings.

Michael Moore is up to his old tricks in his latest movie, visiting an NHS hospital with no waiting patients. I'd love to know which hospital he visited, as would millions of other British taxpayers.

I have a suggestion. Why not give Michael Moore UK citizenship and let him see what the NHS is really like.