Sunday, June 17, 2007

Name and shame the boycotters

The Jewish Chronicle this week took the unusual step of naming and shaming those Jews who are behind the current boycott of Israel, people such as Steven and Hilary Rose. Their exposure is long overdue.

For too long, Jewish anti-Zionists have been allowed to get away with their: "I'm-Jewish-and-I'm-ashamed-of-what-Israel-is-doing...." rhetoric. They have little or no contact with the Jewish community and no association with Judaism except for when they're denouncing Israel. They are easily able to convince an unsuspecting audience that you can be both Jewish and anti-Zionist.

In the increasingly hostile atmosphere towards Israel, Anglo-Jewry feels under seige. The Jewish boycotters may regard themselves as Jews, but in the eyes of Anglo-Jewry, they are regarded as self-hating Jews, and are held in about as much regard as Jews for Jesus.