Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Let's call a spade a spade

Gordon Brown has passed his first test as Prime Minister, displaying statesmanship in his handling of the bombing attacks.

Unfortunately, he has failed the second test, in that he and his government have refused to use the world "Islam" or "Islamists" when describing the terrorists. In doing so, they are understating the threat facing the Muslim and wider community.

These terrorists are more than mere "criminals". The attempted bombings carried out last weekend were not isolated acts, but part of a concerted campaign by people following an "Islamist" ideology, one that believes in destroying the decadent West and replacing it with an Islamic caliphate.

Right now, Muslim communities both in Britain and across the world are being hijacked by this poisonous ideology. By refusing to use the word "Islam" or "Islamists", we are also refusing to confront the threat facing both their community and ultimately the wider community. There have only been a few brave politicians willing to address this fact.