Monday, July 02, 2007

The Tories had better start planning for 2013

Miraculously, the Jihadists have failed on this occasion to kill anyone. All three bombs have turned out to be amateurish. But they have succeeded in one thing, and that is in proving the statesmanship of our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. David Cameron looks lightweight in comparison.

The Tories great hope was that Gordon Brown would move the Labour party to the left, whilst the Tories would occupy the centre ground that Labour abandoned. In fact so far, the opposite has happened. The Tories continue to move to the left, whilst Labour continue to occupy the centre ground.

It's been apparent for some time now that the Tories have been too obsessed with their image whilst making little effort to come up with any credible policies. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown has shown little sign of any leftward lurch, and continues to talk about "Britishness" and about giving people choice in the public services.

Whilst David Cameron is terrified that people might think his party is "nasty" or "right wing", Gordon Brown has no such fear and will no doubt continue hijacking the policies the Tories have abandoned.

The way things are going, the Tories can forget about winning the next election. Maybe they should start focusing on 2013.