Monday, August 20, 2007

You can hardly blame people for flying

These days, it has become fashionable to blame flying for the destruction of our planet, (despite the fact that aviation is responsible for only 2-3% of global emissions). But can you really blame people for flying?

We recently got back from 10 days in Israel, basked in temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade, and swam in the warm mediterranean sea. Meanwhile, England endures day after day of heavy rain and the sort of temperatures you'd expect in October (all the fault of man made climate change of course). Right now, I'm looking out of my window, the rainclouds are so thick, it's almost as dark as the night. With weather like this, people are desperate to get abroad, just to avoid clinical depression!

And then there's the fact that more and more of us have family abroad. How are we supposed to reach our loved ones who live over the ocean? By train??? As Tim Hames says, maybe we should stop obsessing about air travel and instead focus on the emissions that we can easily reduce, like energy efficiency in the home and unnecessary car journeys.

It makes a pleasant change to see that some journalists are prepared to praise air travel instead of demonising it.