Monday, October 29, 2007

Would Michael Moore get treatment on the NHS?

If you're considering going to see Michael Moore's latest film, Sicko, then maybe you should read Minette Marrin's review in the Sunday Times first:

..Sicko, like all Moore’s films, is about an important and emotive subject – healthcare. He contrasts the harsh and exclusive system in the US with the European ideal of universal socialised medicine, equal and free for all, and tries to demonstrate that one is wrong and the other is right.

I wonder whether the grotesquely fat film-maker is aware of the delicious irony that in our state-run system, the government and the NHS have been having serious public discussion about the necessity of refusing to treat people who are extremely obese....
Either Michael Moore knows little or nothing about the NHS, or prefers his audience didn't know the truth. Either way, the man is a fraud, don't waste your money on this drivel.