Monday, January 21, 2008

Would Dr Hasan rather live in Saudi Arabia?

I am getting rather tired of reading newspaper interviews with Imams who tell us that life would be better if only we agreed to live under Sharia.

The Sunday Telegraph carried in interview with Dr Suhaib Hasan, prominent Muslim cleric, who argued that...

"Even though cutting off the hands and feet, or flogging the drunkard and fornicator, seem to be very abhorrent, once they are implemented, they become a deterrent for the whole society.

"This is why in Saudi Arabia, for example, where these measures are implemented, the crime rate is very, very, low"

It's true, Saudi Arabia is relatively safe, provided of course you're not a Westerner living there. But would you really want to live there? In the West, you have human rights, democracy and the rule of law, which means a Shiite living in "infidel" Britain has a good deal more freedom to practice his religion than a Shiite living in Saudi Arabia. It goes a long way to explaining why millions of Muslims have moved to Europe and why only about five Europeans have moved to Saudi Arabia. Dr Suhaib Hasan is welcome to join them.