Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Time for Obama to make another U-turn....this time on Iraq

It's interesting to contrast the two presidential candidates:

McCain has consistently supported free trade, demanded that America get tough with Iran and promoted the surge in Iraq long before it became popular. Obama by contrast has been consistently against all three. Or so we thought.....

Early this year, it was revealed that Obama's NAFTA bashing was nothing but hot air.

In June, he told AIPAC that he would do "everything" -- "and I mean everything" to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

And in the light of Al-Qaeda's rout in Iraq we should soon be expecting another U-turn.

Obama is certainly the candidate of change....changed policies that is. Amongst Europeans, Obama has been regarded as something of a New Messiah, somebody who would expiate the sins of the Bush years. In the light of his increasingly hawkish politics, I wonder what they think of him now.