Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gordon Brown is Toast

The news just gets worse and worse, yet Gordon Brown is still in denial, or he thinks were all fools.
  1. Unemployment is soaring
  2. House prices continue to fall
  3. The value of the pound continues to decline against the dollar.
  4. And the IMF warns that the world downturn will hit the UK worse than any other economy.
Doesn't Gordon Brown remember the 1990s? Norman Lamont's infamous "Je ne regrette rien" comment? The arrogance of the Tories in denying any responsibility for the recession? Or the revenge of voters in 1997 who were fed up with the lies and the sleaze?

Well history seems to be repeating itself.

If I was Gordon Brown, I would spend less time talking about saving the world, and worry a little more about saving my job.