Sunday, April 19, 2009

Labour, like the Tories before them, have forgotten that power corrupts

I long ago concluded that the present Government was worm-eaten, exhausted, dishonest, incompetent, lazy, mendacious, ignorant, rotten, false, disreputable, deceitful, unsavoury, squalid, abominable, soiled, piratical, shifty, discreditable, infamous, improper, obscene, hateful, impure, degraded, dilapidated, shabby, grovelling, discredited, renownless, tarnished, disgraced, shameless, creeping, abject, two-faced, unscrupulous, villainous, treacherous, untrustworthy, prevaricating, sinister, crawling, insincere, fishy, spurious, unclean, felonious, infamous, venal, base, vile, bribable, rancid, disloyal, scheming, unsavoury, sickening, fetid, nauseating, putrid, defaulting, mouldering, evil, vicious, damnable, maleficent, wrong, ineffectual, mean, inferior, contemptible, superficial, irrelevant, expendable, powerless, pathetic, nugatory, impotent, jumped-up, cheap, insalubrious, flea-ridden, unsound, nasty, baneful, foul-tonged, cursed, unwarranted, execrable, damned, abnormal, unreasonable, virtueless, peccant, sinful, unworthy, hopeless, incorrigible, tergiversating, brutalised, nefarious, culpable, scandalous, worthless, flagitious, gross, indefensible and unpardonable to say the least.
This was Bernard Levin's analysis of the Tory Government following Tony Blair's election as Labour leader back in 1994. 15 years later, the same could be said about the current Labour government.

Labour have enjoyed an unprecedented three terms in office, but the downside of being re-elected again and again is that you tend to forget that it was the voters who put you there. Complacency sets in and you start to believe that you are entitled to remain perpetually in power.

After 12 years in office, Labour have become sleazy, dishonest and like the Tories before them, downright nasty. Some have commented that Labour's sin is worse as it aspires to the high minded ideals of social justice and equality. How naive!

There is an old saying, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Labour are suffering from the same old malaise that affects all parties that have been in power too long. I think we have now reached the point where an economic recovery will make little difference to Labour's re-election prospects. Once you have the lost the trust of electorate, there is no gratitude from them.