Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The murder suspect who was never deported

The Labour Government's record on law and order is deteriorating by the minute. The latest revelation which comes from the Times, reports that a Somali refugee wanted in connection with the murder of the policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky escaped deportation after serving a prison sentence for robbery because of Home Office policy.

Home Office sources said that his case was considered in spring last year, but a decision was taken not to deport him because
Somalia is regarded as a dangerous country to which deportations cannot be carried out safely. Mr Jama came to Britain from Somalia in 2000 and is believed to have claimed asylum and been granted leave to remain for seven years. That could have been revoked after he committed a serious crime. In the meantime, the murder suspect is believed to have fled abroad.

Why the suspect couldn't have been kept in some kind of detention centre pending deporation is beyond me. For the past nine years, Tony Blair has tried to sound tough on law and order whilst in practice doing nothing. That the rights of dangerous criminals are put before the safety of public is an insult to people's intelligence.