Friday, July 28, 2006

Britain's self-hating Jews

When Will Self announced in yesterday's Evening Standard that he's considering "resigning as a Jew", I was a little surprised. I thought he resigned a long time ago. And why does he want to tender his "resignation"? Because he says, of what Israel is doing in Lebanon.

And I quote:
"There is a little local difficulty with my being Jewish, and there's also the current indefensible behaviour of the Israeli army in Lebanon (I can't bring myself to utter the oxymoron "defence force"). While I, too, consider that Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself, I don't think it's an unconditional right. But the Israelis have a conception of themselves as a helpless and abused child who can ask the parental West for unconditional love.

It's this that explains their hatred - and apparent targeting of the UN. A multilateral organisation aimed too much at promoting peace smacks too much of maturity to Baby Zion. That's why he stamps on their play-observation post and ignores their mandates.

It's time the Israelis grew up and recognised just as their own aspiration to nationhood first manifested itself in terrorism, so the terrorist activities of Hamas and Hezbollah can only be ended once they, too, are talked to like young adults, rather than savagely beaten with 500lb bombs".
If Will Self is going to criticise Israel, he should at least excercise some intellectual honesty. When the UN endorsed the paritition plan for Israel in 1947, the majority of Jews and the Jewish Agency accepted their proposal. By contrast, Hamas today seeks nothing less than the elimination of Israel, and makes no secret of it.

As for Hezbollah, what exactly is Israel supposed to talk to them about? Hezbollah are a Lebanese militia and have no connection to Israel except for their desire to wipe it off the map.

What is so disturbing about Will Self, JFJFP, the Jewish Socialist Group, and others of their ilk is their willingness to distort the facts in order to prove how unjust Israel is. With people like these, who needs enemies?