Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just back from our honeymoon

We have just returned from our honeymoon in Tenerife, what an amazing Island! Only 85km long and less than 40km wide, it has everything from baking desert to pine forests and has a snow capped volcano in the centre. It has two climates, with hot / dry weather in the South and cool / wet weather in the North.

It is also full of history. There are the Pirámides de Güímar, which could provide the missing link between the Egyptian pyramids and the Aztec pyrmids. Tenerife is also where General Franco launched his offensive that led to the Spanish Civil War and ultimately his dictatorship. Thirty years after his death, you can still find references to his regime. Whilst strolling down a tree lined boulevard in Santa Cruz, Tenerife's main city, we noticed we were walking down "Rambla General Franco". And in the city centre, there is a monument to the Islanders who fought alongside him in the Civil War.

That's one of the spooky things about travelling in Europe. Even after all these years, you still find yourself stumbling across relics of Europe's erstwhile dictators.