Monday, December 03, 2007

Britain's feeble response to the teddy bear saga

What's so shocking about the whole teddy bear saga, is not so much the brutal treatment of the British school teacher, but the naivete of members of the British public.

Unfortunately, we have come to accept the appalling human rights abuses that are the norm in Islamic countries, to the extent that several members of the audience on BBC's Question Time came out with the predictable drivel that we should respect other cultures. Meanwhile a lot of British Muslims have condemned Sudan's treatment of Julian Gibbons, saying that her treatment is inconsistent with Sharia law. (Funny, but few of them protested about the riots following the Muhammad cartoons).

As with the Iranian hostage crisis that took place earlier this year, the Government's response was notable for of response. It speaks volumes about our lack of willingness to defend our own values.