Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Peace in Pakistan matters far more than peace in the Middle East

One often hears the refrain that the Israel Palestine conflict, our anti-terror laws, or Britain's presence in Iraq has acted as a "recruiting sergeant" for Muslim extremists.

Unfortunately, the tragic events in Pakistan are a timely reminder that even if there is peace in the Middle East or withdrawal from Iraq, a far bigger and more dangerous battle is taking place between Muslims.

To quote William Shawcross....
...the murder of Bhutto should also demonstrate — yet again — that this war is not the fault of the Israelis. The Islamists did not kill Benazir Bhutto because of concern about the West Bank. They killed her because they feared her power to give the Pakistani people more than the Islamists want them to have, and because they seek to push Pakistan into total chaos and unlimited carnage.
To the Islamists, women who wear short skirts, men who consume alcohol, and any form of sexual equality are all "recruiting sergeants" for terrorism. The sooner we wake up to this reality the better.