Sunday, January 11, 2009

The British weather and media sensationalism

Is it me or has the media gone completely barmy when it comes to reporting the British weather?

As thermometers throughout Britain fell several degrees below zero, the Evening Standard reported:
"Minus 10 - it's colder than the Antarctic"
For god's sake, do any of these reporters know anything about geography? Being in the southern hemisphere, the antarctic is in the middle of summer, and temperatures can climb as high as 0 C. It's a very good example of how journalists manufacture news when there's no news. Lets' remember, this is the month of January, not July!

We have a few mild winters and suddenly anything a few degrees below zero is described as "Arctic" - these journalists should go and live in Toronto. (Its climate is described in travel guides as being "mild" yet temperatures regularly drop to -20C in Winter).