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On the Other Hand

Chaim Bermant

In the 1960s Chaim established himself as the writer of a weekly column for the Jewish Chronicle, under the pseudonym Ben Azai. From 1978 this appeared as On The Other Hand, under his own byline.

Chaim liked to describe himself as the Jewish Chronicle's "licensed heretic" and he came to regard "On the Other Hand" his weekly column in the paper, as his pulpit. His topics covered matters spiritual and not so spiritual. He wrote with wit and insight on subjects ranging from Israeli politics, war criminal trials and political correctness in the Church of England, to mad cows, kosher pigs and semitic cats.

A selection of articles can be viewed below. Click on any one that interests you.

Article on Glasgow: Jewish Chronicle (24 November 1961)

Interview by Rabbi Plancey: Hagan Magazine (1973)

Where cleanliness is next to impossible (13 June 1986)

Labour's party at the dome sweet dome (December 1997)

Nomad people in Israel but it’s still crazy (13 June 1997)

Prince Charles and Islam (27 December 1996)

After the wrath, look out for sour grapes (03 May 1996)

The Bombing of Dresden (17 February 1995)

Shavuot (13 May 1994)

Banning Breaded Water (14 May 1993)

Chaim Bermant's Purim awards for excellence (Purim 1993)

Computer Yiddish (March 1993)

Parliaments and preposterous proposals (January 1992)

Harold Pinter (February 1991)

My Top Six (Jewish Chronicle Magazine, June 1990)

Flaming Rage (3 February 1989)

A wedding has been arranged'... but it was a wedding with a difference (15 June 1979)

Beards (8 June 1979)

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