Monday, January 22, 2007

Nick Cohen's new book

An extract from Nick Cohen's new book has been published in this weeks Observer. Entitled "What's Left", it is a critique of the liberal-left and asks why so many of those who were in the front line in the fight against fascism and apartheid were only too happy to see Saddam Hussein stay in power, and to defend Islamists as the "underdogs". Both are right wing fascists, both have been violently opposed to democracy and human rights, but as they're enemies of the US, they must be defended at all costs.

Coming from the left himself, Nick Cohen may feel betrayed, but I'm not particularly surprised. There has been a long tradition on the left of excusing dictators and human rights abusers because it was thought that least their motives were pure. Think of Stalins purges, or of the IRA's collusion with the Nazis.

The difference now is that the left support the Islamists, who are right wing fascists through and through. Their ideology, which makes the BNP look like a bunch of cuddly teddy bears should incense the left. They hate democracy, believe in the subjugation of women, and would gladly see homosexuals thrown off the nearest tall building, but somehow the left are blind to all this, because in their view, as long your skin isn't white and as long as you are anti-American, you can't possibly be a threat.