Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The english really do love their pets!

On Sunday, I went walking around the village of Fairford in the Cotswolds. It's a beautiful picture postcard village, and no visit is complete without a visit to Dilly's Bridge:

In what other country would they name a bridge after a dog?!

Has Mark Steyn been dropped from the Telegraph?

I have noticed that Mark Steyn has been absent from the Daily Telegraph and Spectator for several weeks now.

According to Mark Steyn, they have been unable to agree on a new contract. I will certainly miss his witty articles that appear in the Telegraph on a Tuesday, although I have to say that I was finding his writing a bit tiresome.

Although I agree with most of what he says, he basically writes about the same thing every week.....Europe is history.....the Islamists have taken over...etc... His tone of writing is hysterical, and he tars all Muslims with the same brush.

He's simplistic in his analysis (for example he sees nothing wrong with Guantanamo, or "Gitmo" as he calls it), he is woefully innacurate with facts, (e.g. States with high gun ownership have low crime rates), and cannot bring himself to criticise the Republicans. Even after Hurricane Katrina when neither political party came out smelling of roses, Steyn still saw the whole aftermath as being entirely the fault of the "Defeaticrats". In fact he's beginning to resemble Rush Limbaugh in his ranting, not the sort of person you want to emulate!

Steyn may have his finger on the pulse, but he's intellectually dishonest, which undermines pretty much everything he writes.