Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Liberal Fascism

There was a time when it was taboo to admit to being gay. The pendulum has now swung so far the other way, it has become taboo to even voice your opposition to same sex marriage.

Government ministers now plan to criminalise stores who only supply wedding lists for heterosexual couples. How long will it be before religious institutions are taken to court for refusing the same offence?

Britain has a strange approach to "tolerance". On the one hand, it tolerates the likes of Qaradawi who would be happy to see gays thrown off the nearest clifftop, and on the other, it punishes anyone who doesn't conform to the "same-sex-couples-should-be-able-to-marry-and-adopt" mindset (as Lynette Burrows recently discovered).

Emirates v Israel Tourist Board

There is a really interesting article in the Weekly Standard about Arsenal's Emirates stadium. The sponsor of the stadium, Emirates Airlines wants Arsenal to drop their sponsorship deal with the Israeli Tourist Board. Hopefully Arsenal will ignore their request.

The wierd thing is, I don't remember reading about this in the UK press.

Another round of violence in the Middle East

Following Israel's seizure of six Palestinian militants from a jail in Jericho, several westerners have been kidnapped in Gaza and the West Bank following Palestinian suspicion of American and British collusion. TV Cameras recorded one American teacher being taken hostage who said "It's OK, I completely understand".

The guy has only been in captivity five seconds and he already has stockholm syndrome! Sadly, it tells you a lot about the mindset of the people who are trying to help the Palestinians. By working directly with the people affected by the violence, they have an opportunity to be a positive influence, but all they end up doing is reinforcing their prejudices.