Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for David

David Cameron, the Tory leader has said that he would rather people voted for any other party than the British National Party. It's all very high minded of him, but also extremely naive, as there are other political parties that are little better. There is an excellent article by Oliver Kamm that illustrates how the politics of the far left are just as odious as those of the far right.

There is widespread naivety in UK politics not just about the political left, but also about the Islamist parties. Clare Short recently gave Hizb U Tahrir a platform at the House of Commons so they could fight the governments proscription of their party. When you consider Hizb U Tahrir's views towards multiculturalism, womens rights and homosexuals, they make the BNP look like a bunch of teddy bears. I wonder whether Clare Short would give the BNP a platform as well? I think not!