Monday, July 31, 2006

Is the UK media so anti-Israel?

Not if you read the printed press.

Although the Independent and Guardian are known for their criticism of Israel, the Sun (the UK's highest circulation paper), the Times and the Daily Telegraph have all taken a more favourable line towards Israel.

Here is a round-up of some articles from the UK press that put Israel (and the US) in a more positive light:
  1. Niall Ferguson in the Sunday Telegraph warns that the biggest danger of the current conflict is not American imperialism but American Isolationism
  2. Charles Moore takes on the critics who accuse of Israel of genocide in the Saturday Telegraph
  3. Amir Taheri warns that that the current conflict goes well beyond Israel's borders
    (The Times)
  4. The Times editorial (2nd August), pretty much sums up how most Israelis feel: "Mr Olmert and Mr Peretz, the Defence Minister, now find themselves pressed by the public to see this mission through......That is what they will do until the international community can provide a credible force for southern Lebanon that will actively deter Hezbollah from launching missiles. Anything less will mean either no ceasefire is declared or one that lasts only until another assault on Israel. Many outsiders seeing pictures of civilian casualties in Lebanon regard Israel as the aggressor. Israelis of all stripes have rarely felt more like victims."
Unfortunately, people are more influenced by what they see on TV than what they read in the papers. That being said, even the BBC deserves some praise occasionally. On Sunday night, it screened a documentary that exposed how Interpal has raised money for Palestinian charities that are linked with Hamas. From the BBC's point of view, everyone has it in for them, yes even Israel's critics. You only have to read the feedback from the programme to see what I mean.