Monday, November 20, 2006

Another outburst from Red Ken

I was looking up the following word in the dictionary...

n. orator addressing himself to, or using arguments such as to stir, the masses. demagogic, a. demagogism, demagogy, n.

It pretty much sums up London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone who is coming out with increasingly hysterical outbursts. His latest claim is that:
"Over recent weeks we have seen a demonization of Muslims only comparable to the demonization of Jews from the end of the 19th century."
Really? I wasn't aware that Muslims were banned from voting. Nor was I aware of them facing pogroms. Maybe our Mayor should take some history lessons.

I'm dreaming of a halal christmas

In a rare victory of common sense over political correctness, a head teacher who planned to serve only Halal chicken at her school's Christmas lunch has backed down following a protest from parents. Twenty per cent of pupils at Oakwood Comprehensive in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, are British Asians and head teacher Jan Charters said the idea had been intended to extend a spirit of inclusion throughout the school.

They were backed by Labour MP Denis MacShane who said no child should be asked to eat food which did not match their convictions and called on the school to offer a choice on the festive menu.

His request has been accepted and children will now be able to order turkey and a vegetarian option in addition to chicken slaughtered following the Muslim Halal principle as part of the £1.75 meal.
"No child should be obliged to eat food that is contrary to their personal convictions or religion. Schools should offer a choice and not allow the joyous celebrations of a Christmas dinner to become a divisive issue."

People know what's best for them more than the Government does

The latest junk food ban goes to show what happens when the government tries to micromanage our lives. You can advertise McDonald's burgers, but not raisins. Go figure.

The Dutch and the British have both got it wrong

Question: What do have the banning of burqas in Holland and the British government's reaction to Nick Griffin's acquittal have in common?

Answer: Both countries are seeking to ban cultural practices and attitudes that they disapprove of. Neither country will succeed.

This excellent article by Ian Buruma sums it up.