Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm a sailor, get me out of here!

Has Britain taken leave of its senses?

It has been reported that the Ministry of Defence has allowed the 15 freed sailors to sell their stories to the media. I can understand if this was years after the event and the sailors were no longer serving in the armed forces, but they haven't even testified to the enquiry yet!

In Britain at least, the whole hostage saga is looking less and less like an international incident and more like a farce. It gives me an idea for a reality TV show. Why not send some more of our hapless sailors to the Shat Al Arab waterway, where the Iranian revolutionary guards will be waiting for them. They could then be paraded on prime time television. And the name of the show?.... "I'm a sailor, get me out of here!"

Bishops for Ahmadinejad

I must have got it all wrong. It seems that Ahmadinejad isn't an anti-semitic war crazed demagogue after all. He is in fact a sincere, humane, peace loving liberal.
  1. The Bishop of Rochester, admired the fact that in releasing his prisoners, Iran’s president made reference to the religious context, including the prophet’s birthday and the “passing over” of Christ. This showed, according to the bishop, that the Iranians were operating in a “spiritual and moral tradition”, which is lacking in Britain.
  2. Tom Burns, the Roman Catholic bishop to Britain’s armed forces, praised the Iranians for their “act of mercy in accordance with their religion”.
  3. David Stancliffe, Bishop of Salisbury, will say in his sermon today that the reason Britain failed to persuade the United Nations to adopt more forthright language over Iran was because of the country’s diminished moral authority over Iraq. His quoted as saying.... “I still regret this country’s action and watch with dismay the way it has left us floundering around in other important areas like the Sudan,”.
With people like this running Britain's churches, who needs Iranian propaganda?