Monday, May 21, 2007

Remind me which party David Cameron runs?

I'm no Labour supporter. I'm a eurosceptic, and I support low taxes, small government, and school vouchers. Perversely, I'm beginning to hold out more hope with Gordon Brown. Unlike David Cameron who jumps on every trendy cause under the sun, Gordon Brown seems to genuinely stand for something. He may be in favour of higher taxes and big government, but he's also a pragmatist who believes that free markets are important for generating wealth.

And if he's come round to the idea of capitalism, he may even come round to the idea of education reform. Even the Swedes with their egalitarian traditions have embraced school vouchers, which now enjoy widespread support from Socialists, Conservatives and even the teaching unions.

Lately I've been getting very confused, I can't remember which party David Cameron represents. With each passing day, he comes up with another gimmick to alienate his core voters, whilst currying favour with those who would never vote for him in the first place. His policy towards grammar schools is a case in point. Not only is he out of step with his party, but with much of the country (49% support grammar schools).

Since taking over the Tory leadership, his only concern seems to be winning votes from Lib Dems, strange when you consider that the Lib Dems have positioned themselves to the left of Labour. David Cameron assumes Tory votes can be taken for granted. Don't bet on it!