Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Invasion of the body snatchers

There is something about the Government's plans for organ donation that really troubles me. There is an old saying that when people die, they go to meet their maker, but in 21st century Britain when you die, your body goes to the State.

Funny, but some of those who are opposed to abortion restrictions (arguing "it's my body" not the government's) are perfectly happy to support this. Go figure.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ken's Livingstone's misuse of public money

A couple of articles about Ken Livingstone's corrupt administration worth reading. This by Camilla Cavendish and this by Simon Jenkins. Best of all is the hilarious sketch "My Week - Ken Livinstone" by Hugo Rifkind, which pretty much sums up Ken's arrogance. Here is the entry for Monday:
"Sometimes I watch people from my window in City Hall. Down below, like ants. They’re out to get me. Ungrateful scum. Don’t they understand that I am London? I breathe Crouch End, I sneeze Hackney. Prick me and I bleed Willesden. These people are my people. All of them. Even some of the Jews. If you are against me, you are against London. London is me. Nobody else in this city has any vision".

Gordon Brown's loss of credibility

There is a devastating critique of Gordon Brown by Anatole Kaletsky in The Times:
"There can be no more doubt. Northern Rock is Gordon Brown's Black Wednesday. The Prime Minister, like John Major before him, remains in office, but he is no longer in power. The mini-Budget in October, with its misconceived plagiarism of Tory tax policies, marked the beginning of the end, when Mr Brown handed over his hard-won economic credibility to David Cameron and George Osborne".