Thursday, June 26, 2008

The BBC's bias towards Mugabe

The BBC is often criticised for its alleged one sided reporting of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. But, it's not only Israel where the BBC gets it wrong. Check out Daniel Finkelstein's blog where he comments on the BBC's coverage of the "election" in Zimbabwe. Their correspondent John Simpson is quoted as saying:
"that Mr Mugabe is on course for a remarkable victory, when only three months ago he seemed to be on the ropes".
It can hardly be called a victory when it was a rigged election. He finishes his report by saying:
"The moral is clear: never underestimate Robert Mugabe's ferocious determination to stay in power, nor the ability of his political opponents to destroy their own case".
Whether it's the Islamists or Zanu PF, the BBC seems to have a soft spot for despots and autocrats.