Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A balanced climate change debate

David Aaronvitch says in this morning's Times:

Lord Lawson’s foundation claims it wants a ‘balanced’ climate change debate. But really it wants to disprove the science.
Of course they are sceptics, but there is nothing wrong with them demanding a 'balanced' debate. They are merely arguing that the 'deniers' (as the Guardian calls them) should also have the opportunity to have their voice heard. That's what balanced debate is about: people for and people against a particular argument being free to argue their position without being drowned out.

Take the latest opinion polls with a pinch of salt

Like James Forsyth, I am not overly worried about the recent opinion poll showing a fall in Tory support. But even if you take all the polls from recent months and put them together, it's not looking that great for the Tories. Whilst people may be sick of Labour, they are still unconvinced by the Tories. When you consider that they are going to need the second biggest parliamentary swing in history just to get a majority of 1, you realise what a mountain they still have to climb.

I agree with Janet Daley's analysis that first impressions last, and the Tories have left it pretty late in proving they are heavyweights. Even if the Tories work their socks off during the next six months, I think the best we can expect is a hung parliament.